"YOU are amazing, strong, brave and wonderful. 

Remember THAT today."

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Our Vision:

We envision a community in which all women who head-up their households alone, as a single parent, will be able to work and earn a salary above the poverty level, have career advancement opportunities to increase their income and to not have to worry about losing or obtaining a job, due to the unaffordability of childcare.​ 

Our Purpose:​

JustLiving Advocacy, Inc. (JLA) was founded with the purpose of empowering and giving hope through our advocacy for women who head up their households alone as single mothers. It is the cornerstone of our organization.  Single mothers face daily crisis and struggles, whether it be financial or health related issues. They strive to have the strength and encouragement to rise above it all to ensure that their children receive a good education, quality childcare, food, clothing and shelter. Single mothers often let their own health go unaddressed for the sake of their children's well being. The wellness of women​​ is an important one for JLA and we want single mothers to know, that they are not alone and we want to make their lives a little easier with feelings of hope and dignity. 

Our Work:

Our clients come to us, when they are in need for someone to assist them with childcare when they are not financially able to pay for childcare, for the start of a new job. Our clients fully embrace working opportunities and are just in need of a helping hand to begin their journey towards self-sustainment. 

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, grandparents find themselves caring for their grandchildren expectantly, when their children are unable to do so and they seek short-term relief for the care of their grandchildren, that are not in school.

Heart disease is a major health crisis in women, especially for women of color. It is the number #1 killer in women, beating out all cancers combined. Knowing that there is an overwhelming high percentage of women are heading up their households and raising their children alone as a single parent, JLA advocates, the importance and how it is essentially imperative that women receive a wellness check-up and heart screening. Our mission is to increase health equality through our advocacy about the perils of heart disease, the risk of heart disease and heart disease prevention.

Message to ALL Single Moms:

Appreciate yourself and give yourself a lot of credit for the way you are bringing up your children. Have hope, have faith and believe, that trouble doesn't last always. Realize how amazing your children are and give yourself a huge hug of love, pat yourself on the back and know, that you are doing the best you can do.


JustLiving Advocacy, Inc.

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"The best gift you give someone, is the opportunity to help themselves."